For over 30 years Translation Agency Cremer has been a reliable address for quality translations from and into English, German and French. We provide excellent, high-quality translation services at competitive prices. Reasonable prices, correct and prompt handling, expertise and strict confidentiality are the reasons why we are the agency for your translation assignments. Our translations are done by highly educated, (sworn) professional translators, who translate into their mother tongue (native speakers).
Our specialities include: jurisdiction, labour law, finance, commerce and advertising.

Han Bartholomee
CEO – Translation Agency Cremer


In many cases Dutch authorities require an official foreign document to be translated into Dutch. Likewise, our Dutch documents often need to be translated for authorities abroad. For a translation to be legally valid, it has to be certified by a sworn translator by means of his or her statement, stamp and signature. In this statement the translator certifies that he or she has translated the document fully, conscientiously and with absolute impartiality. The original document and the attached translation are to be delivered to the authorities that require the certified translation. This usually concerns official documents, such as driving licences, extracts, notarial deeds, birth certificates, contracts, etc.

The following rates are applicable in case of urgent translation assignments:
Assignments finished within 24 hours: 50% surcharge.
Work performed during weekends and/or official holidays: 50% surcharge.
You will be informed about these surcharges before an assignment is accepted.

When you have written a text in a foreign language yourself, we can revise it and correct it where necessary. We shall provide a perfect text at a favourable hourly rate.


Below we provide a selection from our large number of referees.
We treat the information contained in the text of our translations strictly confidentially, even without the client requesting us to do so.
Therefore, we asked the referees listed below explicitly for their permission for us to use their names in this way.

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